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Massage Treatments with Essential oils in Masham, Bedale, Ripon, North Yorkshire

An Aromatherapy Massage uses essential oils to improve the effectiveness of the massage treatment. The fragrances and chemical components of the oils complement the massage and have the effect of improving physical and emotional well-being, they can also reduce pain and stress levels.  The treatment can act as a way to improve the body's immune system and increase energy levels.  An Aromatherapy massage produces very positive health benefits.

I provide the aromatherapy treatment to my clients in and around Masham, Bedale, Leyburn, Catterick, Ripon, North Yorkshire, helping them deal with stress-related problems pain relief and chronic conditions.

Choosing the Right Oil

Consisting of a blend of three essential oils, the aromatherapy treatment involves a firm, but gentle, massage with an optional facial being included at the customer's request.

At the consultation stage of the treatment as with my body massages, and prior to commencing the massage, I will discuss the issues you seek help with and the oils that you prefer.  Smell can be closely linked to memory so to invoke the best results it is very important that the right scent is chosen to help you get the most from  your treatment.

Each oil is tailored to providing a different benefit, such as improving stress levels, relieving muscle tension, they are uplifting if your have low energy levels and boost the immune system.

Treatment Details

My aromatherapy massages last for an hour and 15 minutes, costing £50. However, you will always be given the additional choice of having a facial included in your treatment. This is charged at an extra £5, and adds roughly 15 minutes to the treatment time required.


Contact me now, in Ripon, North Yorkshire, to learn more about an aromatherapy massage and treatment.